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Informatif website of Frank Lakiere


Regarding the work of Frank Lakiere the artist and art critic Rafaël Kinker says :

At first sight, these images with a different stature and widely diverse character seem to have an aesthetic goal, but by more attentive looking at them you see that there is more than that.
In his work Frank Lakiere is researching constantly the ambivalence between image and reality...

The photograph is not a landscape. The photo is the image of a landscape and the photographer has a conscious standpoint and he decides the framework and the time, the where and when of the taking of the photograph, that are decisive for how the image will be. And even with these images of large spaces you get the feeling of isolation, enclosure, loneliness,..
Frank is working with a middle format camera, usually with a tripod and with a low sensitive film so as to capture the minute details. The images are sharp and well composed. But the black and white photography makes it clear that this is not reality...
To make such photographs you need concentration and a thorough knowledge of the photographic techniques. His training as a chemical engineer probably adds to this search for technical perfection...
Intuition and concentration are the key-words for his manner of working.

2. Landscapes and cityscapes in black & white